Liesel Analysis

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At the end of the novel, Liesel starts working on her own book, after Ilsa Hermann inspired her to. While she is working though, Himmel St. is surprised bombed, and the warning alarms were too late. Nobody was in a safe place as the bomb hit, most were asleep even. The only person in a safe spot was Liesel because she was in her basement writing. As people of the LSE came by to look for people, they found Liesel. Then Liesel started going crazy because she realized that she was the only person who made it out. “When they pulled her out, it's true that she started to wail and scream for Hans Hubermann” (533). She was walking around when she finally saw everyone the LSE had taken out, but the one she cared about the most was Rudy. A little bit earlier, Rudy had promised that as long as he lived he would never ask Liesel for a kiss again as long as he lived. Then, seeing him laying there, Liesel…show more content…
“…‘don’t you know I love you…’” (534). After saying this, she realized the best way to show him how she felt one last time was to kiss him. “Liesel kissed her best friend, Rudy Steiner, soft and true on his lips” (536). Next she saw her mama and papa. She went up to her mama first and went back to the first time they met, and then special times with her. “‘Do you remember what you said to everyone on the street that day?’ Her voice wavered now. ‘You said, ‘what are you a*sholes looking at?’’” Liesel went back to how even when Rosa was being rude, like her usual self, she also always made Liesel feel safe. Then she went back to another time she was rude, but made Liesel feel better and safer. “‘Mama, i know that you… I liked when you came to school and told me Max had woken up’” (537). Then, finally she moved on to Hans, the person she loved the most. Liesel thought of papa as her home. Whenever they were together, they were home. One of the things she loved most was his accordion. To say goodbye, it
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