Liesel Reflection

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It is shown in the first few parts of the book that the narrator is death. This is because of the times that the narrator talks about how its job can be very burdening and heavy. The narrator seems very interested in Liesel which is why he focused on telling her story rather than anyone else. The narrator is particularly interested at how Liesel keeps finding her way to his job, she appears numerous times while he works.
In these pages Liesel has a hard time adjusting to her new life. She is behind at school, she has continuous nightmares, and she has to adjust to a new place without any friends. She is mostly helped by her foster father Hans Hubermann and her neighbor Rudy Steiner. Hans came to comfort her every night when she had nightmares and he was a major part of her learning to read. Rudy served as Liesel’s first friend and he stood up for her and defended her.
Books are especially important to Liesel in this part because the very first book she took served as her last remaining memory of her brother. Books were also the way she and her foster father first connected. Because Hans was the first person to teach her to read they always had a special bond over books. The growing power of the Nazi-party negatively impacted them because the Hubermanns did not blindly support him like most other people. This causes people to judge them and think negatively about them.
Liesel mostly seemed like she was happy because at the time she did not have many problems to worry about.

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