Life Almost Straight?

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“Life Almost Straight?”
The introduction into College Prep English with “Life Almost Straight?” means seeking hope, adventuring into new paths, and being open minded which reveal characteristics we didn’t think we had. Life, a four letter word with extravagant meaning, correlates with people and how they connect among this wondrous world. Life is a word that can be so confusing, but yet so simplistic. Numerous ask the question, “Do I know what my life means?” Generations upon generations search for a set definition of purpose or calling. As a young teenager, it is difficult to understand the concept of a life that is straight. Existence may be but a vapor, so make the most out of the time we are given. Hope inspires and leads to a path that might have been unthinkable; however, society adds pressure upon students that tries to derail hope.
“Where will you go to school?”
“What will you major in?”
“How are you going to pay for this?”
Yes, these are all important questions, but give students a chance to breathe and take in the pressure we have been put under. Getting our lives straight means seeking the hope even in the darkest and roughest times. For such a short lifespan, human beings overcome situations in various ways. In “Sorrow Teeming with Light,” the painting portrays a monster attacking our “life” but there is still a sliver of light in the background (Gabriel Shaffer). Throughout life, people will have ups and downs, but life will shine brighter once

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