Life And Life Of Florence Nightingale's Life

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Florence Nightingale was born May 12, 1820 in Florence, Italy ( She was the second of two daughters born and lived a comfortable and rich lifestyle with her family in England. Nightingale’s father made sure that she received the best education and she exceled at math, philosophy, and could read and write in several different languages. Her mother came from a family of merchants and wanted Florence to socialize among the social elite ( However, Florence did not believe she fit in with socializing with other people. Growing up, Florence also participated in charity work and spoke with the ill and poor. At 16, she experienced a calling to where she said the Lord had called upon her to care for the sick and wounded ( Nursing seemed like a good fit for her to serve God and mankind. However, her family did not want her to be in such a low profession. During the Victorian Age, women of the higher social status were required to marry a man equal to them and stay at home. However, Nightingale refused this lifestyle in exchange for following her dreams of being a nurse and helping others. Nursing can be traced back to thousands of years ago. In the beginning, nurses were nuns who wanted to help the wounded and sick. As time went on, it became a profession for lower class women and people believed that nurses were disease ridden. The profession was thought to be easy and did not required skills or respect. It was something left to people who

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