Life Changing Life : A Life Changing Moment That Lasts

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A Life Changing Moment that Lasts It started out as a rather mundane day. I slept in late and started my day out with a bowl of cold cereal as I continued learning through various free online websites to keep my brain active. Nothing stood out of the ordinary for me for the majority of that day. It was neither too sunny nor too cloudy; in fact, the sky was clear blue that day. For a million years, I never would have thought to hear those three words come out of my mother’s mouth that did that night: “Amanda has cancer.” Once the words and the person whom the words were referring to registered in my mind, my brain went into shock and I subconsciously remembered telling myself that my life was going to undergo a drastic change. My whole attitude on life, my viewpoint on what really mattered in life, and my religious belief would ultimately be changed by Amanda's response to this life-changing news. For the seven years that I've known and has been friends with Amanda, she has had this optimistic attitude about life. When she first heard that she had cancer, she, of course, cried a lot afterward: she had been having problems with one of her eyes and had only just then found out that the problems that have been recurring for over the past year was cancerous. It would be understandable if she took a few days to just be by herself and wallow up in anger or sadness; instead, the next day after her discovery, I see her at Church and later at a graduation party smiling as she greets everyone and plays around with my many younger siblings. Her approach to the horrible situation that she is placed in is very buoyant and unique for her situation. She took a single night to cry out her feelings and the next day she is back to being her normal self as she jokes, teases me about the one unfortunate cooking incident I had, and insisting that her high school graduation party will be something really big to talk about. Her optimistic attitude even in the soul-crushing circumstances she is in made me really contemplate my own attitude to life as she is able to find the good in life even with cancer and a possibility of an early death awaiting her. I had not thought much into what really mattered in life until I became a part

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