Life Course Transition Case Study

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Life Course Transition

Children with ASD develop differently from other children. They must overcome challenges in interacting and communicating with others. These challenges can affect their development, learning and future trajectories of their lives. This diagnosis is particularly difficult on low income families and minority groups as well as for parents with low educational attainment and those living in rural areas who may not have the financial means, suitable knowledge or access to resources to care for their children’s needs.

Some children within this demographic will require lengthy assistance in performing routine activities while others are marginally impacted by their condition. Mothers with ASD children on average work …show more content…

Despite the expansion of coverage in nearly all states, treatment is often inaccessible to them because their parents are unaware of the symptoms of the condition due to lack of education on the subject matter and lack of appropriate professionals in the school system and hence the children are undiagnosed (). The parents of the needy children who are not informed in healthcare law, cannot fight for insurance coverage of these costly therapies. For families living in rural areas, mental health resources may be scarce and travelling a long distance may be too inconvenient and draining for some parents to follow through. Furthermore, families with a lower level of parental education pose a challenge in terms of advocating on behalf of their children. Unfamiliarity with the health and legal system can degrade their morale and their perception of their ability to do anything about their circumstances. A parent without a higher education, in contrast, will have a higher self-esteem familiarity with using the health and legal systems will be able to seek out health help from professionals such as a psychiatrist, social worker, therapist and provide a better fight against the discrimination and work towards ameliorating the areas in need of improvement for their children (). Poor families are in comparison greatly overwhelmed in their efforts to manage the daily struggles experienced by their ASD children and remain unaided by a system that is seemingly

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