Life In The Trenches Ww1 Letters Essay

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Much obliged to you for your letter. I have missed you very much; I have not stopped thinking about you. I know how worried you must have been. I did intend on writing to you sooner, then again, I have been very busy indeed. The Germans attacked very soon. They released thousands of barrels of chlorine gas at the French. The French had no masks and chose to flee because they believed they were not prepared, leaving us to fight alone. Two days later, the Germans released gas on us and attacked soon after that. Despite the gas, we continued to fight. Tragically, we lost thousands and thousands of men. It is so hard watching all your friends die before your eyes. You start to lose hope. In addition to that, we are all hungry resulting in fear …show more content…

The food is very dry and hard to swallow. Towards the beginning of the battle, we were nourished fresh meat and vegetables. Now we are receiving canned meat and crackers. The meals are repetitive and some soldiers are refusing to eat, some of them starve to death. I have missed your cooking very much Mary. In any case, the worst part is the trenches. Trenches are a long cut in the ground, which we had to dig for days. We stay in the trenches to fight and since, it is excessively risky to leave we have stayed in for 3 days. We stand in cold puddles of water and mud, up to our lower legs. It has been drizzling for two days in a row and I am apprehensive soon the puddles will ascend to our knees. In addition, standing in puddles of cold water for a long time can result in a foot infection called the trench foot. Some of the soldiers have gotten it already. To add to that, rats slither around the trench bringing diseases and feeding on all the dead bodies surrounding us. On top of all that, our uniforms are covered in lice. Therefore, living in the trenches is very difficult and horrendous. However, compared to the other soldiers, I am very fortunate. Mary, I see thousands of soldiers go every day and their dead bodies surround me. Sometimes I think I made the wrong decision, however, I owe this country

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