Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Happiness In The Declaration Of Independence

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“All men are created equal”, One of the famous quotes from the Declaration of the Independence, ever since it was created in 1776. This document that has established our country. Written by Thomas Jefferson himself and revised by John Adam and Benjamin Franklin, where they were able to establish the reasons why the United States needed there independence with their ideals of equality, unalienable rights, consent of the governed, and the right to alter or abolish government. These are all really important to follow because they each have a purpose but the one that I believe is most important would be equality. I believe that it is because it's something we really haven’t been able to understand over the following years. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness is our unalienable rights where we are able to live our life, get the freedom we deserve, and the pursuit of happiness to be able to live our life in whatever way that brings us joy. These are important unalienable rights because if we don’t have these right then we’re never really prepared for what’s to come. Andrew Sullivan quotes, “I believe in treasuring it as a mystery… that should never be destroyed.”(Doc. B) Something that we should keep to ourselves because it's ours and no one should disturb that.”I believe in the journey, not the arrival.”(Doc. B) This just shows that most people don’t really care for the money but what they learn through the journey because the pursuit of happiness doesn’t need to be

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