Life Long Friend Make A Good Choice

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Life Long Friend Make A Good Choice Choosing a new perfect dog for you and your family sometimes could be a hard and difficult decision. Most people buy puppies from pet stores or dog breeders, when in reality our country should be looking at humane societies or a local animal shelter for a new friend. Many of these dogs in the animal shelters are being euthanized each year. Everyone is capable of finding a new dog to take home and love at the shelter. Additionally, the cost to buy a new puppy could be quite expensive especially depending on the type of breed. Even though all these animals in the shelter just want love, affection, along with unconditional attention yet people’s first instincts are to buy a puppy from a breeder. When people…show more content…
Many of these dogs end up at the shelter to be euthanized each year. These animals are euthanized because the animal shelters have ran out of space or if the animal has been there for too long. “1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized each year. Of that 670,000 of them are dogs each year” (“Pet Statistics” 2017). These dogs are only given a fews weeks to get picked up by their owner, until they become available for adoption for a few months before they’re euthanized. A tremendous amount of people don’t understand how we have enough animals in this world, we need to enjoy the ones we have. Additionally, the majority of individuals don’t realize the variety of different breeds of dogs there are available in the animal shelters. Everyone is capable of finding some type of dog they like to bring home or even just one that catches their eye in the cage. In Cesar Millan’s “Before you adopt a dog,” “Don’t overlook the senior dogs. Senior dogs need homes just as badly as the cute puppies. They may not be suited to a home with very young children, as they’re not as accustomed to being around kids’ high energy. But they are wonderful companions for homes that are not as active. They may need less exercise and more health care, but the love they give in return is the reward” (Millan 2016). Generally these old dogs may be a lot less playful than a puppy however, that could be something that certain
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