Life Management And Leadership Skills

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At 18 years old, when most other girls were graduating high school and deciding what college to go to, I was pregnant, alone, and scared out of my mind. I was able to work hard and make a successful life for myself, but many other women aren’t as lucky. Hundreds of women and children in our community are homeless and scared right now. But simply providing shelter is not enough to help these families become successful. Temporary housing combined with life management and leadership skills is an effective method for helping homeless women and children regain their independence and become contributing members of society. That is precisely what an agency called M.I.S.S. Inc is doing. M.I.S.S. is an acronym for Mothers and Infants Striving for Success. They are a small non-profit agency based in Stuart, Fl. They have been in our community since 1999 when they began as a “grass roots initiative” (“M.I.S.S. Inc.”, 2016) to address the growing homeless population in the area. The founders of M.I.S.S. noticed that many of these homeless individuals were single mothers and their children. The founders of M.I.S.S. Inc purchased a 4-unit apartment complex and named it Hope Park. They have since grown and currently own and operate 3 facilities in Port St. Lucie and Stuart. Homelessness has always been an epidemic in our nation. But rehabilitating these men, women, and children usually takes a back seat. There are a lot of amazing shelters in this state providing a roof and a warm bed
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