Life Of A Marginal Society

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2nd Pokemon Davies Comp 101 September 25, 2015 Title-The Life of a Marginal Society. The prejudiced of recent and modern life affects the people in the community where they have been discriminately based on their racial viewpoints and how it’s been passed down to many generations. In the author of “ Our Time”, Wideman directly explains the term of mere racism, where the African-Americans had experienced in the neighborhood in Homewood. The instance in the chapter novel, where Garth, a friend of Robby, who was an alcoholic with internal liver damage. The African-American adolescent goes to a white hospital, he was constantly yet deliberately ignored by the white doctors and nurses,thus leaving Garth died from lack of medical treatment. Afterwards, Robby who was invited to party for the loss of his close friends, the people were outraged the fact that white people in the hospital let Garth die due to the fact that he wasn’t actually a cleaned, pure person who requires medical treatment for his ailment; however, since he was a drug alcoholic, the doctor considers him as less important of their valuable time, while taking care of other patients who worthy of their time. One of the guests had made an angry testimony of which he refers them as an apathetic, inconsiderate individuals as they ignored Garth of requiring full medical analysis of the burned liver damage. As a result, the death of Garth is the

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