Beowulf Is Larger Than Life Essay

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Larger Than Life An epic hero is someone who is larger than life. Many epic heros are well known because there stories have been told over and over again for centuries. Epic heroes like Odysseus, Achilles, and Perseus all demonstrate the characteristics of a very powerful person who goes against all odds in order to complete their goal. Beowulf is one of these epic heros. Written by the Beowulf Poet, the story of Beowulf portrays a man who comes to a foreign land in order to save a kingdom. Beowulf is an epic hero because he is devoted and loyal to his kingdom and King, he shows that he fights for justice when evil threatens good, and shows bravery by fighting in battles that may not end happily. Throughout the poem, Beowulf is loyal to his king. In the story, after Beowulf defeats Grendel and his mother, Beowulf goes back to his King and Geatland. Once he is there, Higlac, the King of Geatland, rewards Beowulf with his grandfather’s sword and 7,000 hides of land. Once Higlac passes away, Beowulf is offered the throne; however, he refuses the offer because he believes that the heirs of the late King should take up after their father. Because of this Herdred, Hygelac's son, took over the thrown. Soon after this, Heardred was killed in battle and Beowulf was announced king. “Higlac’s widow brought him the crown, offered him the kingdom, not trusting Herdred, her son and Higlac’s to beat off foreign invaders. But Beowulf refused to rule when his lord’s own son was alive, and

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