Life Of My Passion In Life Essay

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My Passion
I have always been fond of trees for as long as I can remember. I love just looking at big trees and am fascinated by their size and strength. The street I grew up on it Detroit was lined with big Elm trees and we would go camping where I loved walking in the forest and climbing trees. When I learned about deforestation I was alarmed at how much of our forests were being cut down at an unsustainable rate. But just like everything else money is the motivator. I just do not want the world to suffer from our greed and am happy there are laws and regulations in place to curve deforestation. The fear is that they are not enough and not every area shares the same concerns. I am not against using trees as a resource, I am against depleting this resource and the effects it will have on the environment. Action must be taken to ensure the survival of our forest’s.
The Big Picture
The importance of this topic is far-reaching. Trees and forests are a vital part of the earth's environment and directly responsible for a major portion of its environment and stabilization. Without trees and forests, wildlife and other plants will not have a home. 70% of our world’s plant and animal species live in forests. Trees and forests not only provide homes for wildlife and plants, they clean the air, produce oxygen, and remove CO2. They clean and stabilize soil. Areas that have been deforested are prone to flooding because of the absence of tree roots to hold the soil down. Since the soil

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