Deforestation Is The Permanent Removal

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“More than 80% of Earth’s natural forests have already been destroyed at the rate of 20,000 hectares per day” according to the World Resources Institute (WRI). Despite our dependence on forests for our means of survival, from the provision of livelihoods for us human-beings, the prevention of soil erosion, medicines derived from rainforest plants, to the air we breathe, we are still allowing them to disappear at shockingly high rates through deforestation. High deforestation rates, primarily as a result of the growing demand for agriculture, fuel use and production, fires, timber harvesting, logging, and pasture and clearing for livestock animals due to the exponential growth in human population, can be prevented through the requirement of…show more content…
Significant increases in greenhouse gas emissions contribute to large-scale, rising temperatures, changed weather patterns, and an escalated frequency of severe weather events contributing to issues such as global warming and biodiversity loss as a result of the decreasing availability of adequate food and water and altered habitats in these integrated ecosystems. Disruptions of water cycles such as changes in precipitation and river flow are considerably impacted when deforestation or forest degradation occurs, resulting in the throwing off of the balance between water on land and in the atmosphere that trees help maintain. Other negative impacts of deforestation or forest degradation comprises of increased soil erosion, disrupted livelihoods, and a simultaneously high loss in biodiversity species. Deforestation often results in the extinction of numerous, unique species struggling to survive in geographic locations all over the world. “About 80% of the world’s documented species can be found in tropical rainforests—some of the forests most vulnerable to deforestation.” (WWF). Agricultural expansion, wood extraction, and infrastructure expansion through processes such as urbanization and road building work together simultaneously to cause deforestation. Primarily for the need of subsistence, one of the most significant causes of
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