Life Of The Mother By William Shakespeare

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life of the mother. Marquis believes that abortion is almost always morally impermissible, except in extreme circumstances, because the fetus has a future life. I will simply evaluate each of the authors reasonings that defend their belief, and give my argument for why I believe Don Marquis’ essay is more convincing. (SUMMARY DEFENSE OF ABORTION) Thompson begins by stating “ a fetus is a person and that killing a person is, in essence, murder, and thus morally wrong.” Thompson uses many analogies that can be compared to a pregnant woman that wishes to terminate her pregnancy- the violinist argument, the expanding child argument, the box of chocolates, Henry Fonda’s cool hand, and the people-seeds argument. Thomson begins the essay with a…show more content…
“Trapped in a tiny house with a growing child and you are up against a wall, and in a few minutes, you will be crushed, on the other hand the child won’t be crushed. The only thing that will save her life is to kill the child. . Is abortion permissible to save the pregnant woman’s life? Because the mother being compared to that of the house, this brings up the idea that the mother should be able to do as she pleases with her body, and that her body carries more significance than the fetus’ right to life. This brings in the argument of a third party intervention, such as a doctor. If a doctor did not agree to perform an abortion, to save this mother, than the mother would be denied her rights, and the right to decide what is done with her body. If a woman doesn’t have a right to their body, then you should not be unplugged, thus, save the violinists life. This reasoning is concluded with two smart statements, “It seems to me that to treat the matter in this very way (refuse abortion for the mother’s health) is to refuse to grant the very status of person which is so firmly insisted on for the fetus by anti-abortion advocates. (243) and “a fetus who existence is due to rape” has no right to use their mother’s bodies, and aborting them is not depriving them of anything they had a right to, hence it is not unjust killing” (246) The third is compared to a box of chocolates. “Suppose a boy and his small brother are jointly given a box of chocolates for Christmas. If the
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