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2.Online Friends What is the role of online friends in the social development of today's adolescents? In what way are online friendships the same as and different from conventional friendships? Can adolescents learn interpersonal skills, such as revealing oneself to others and respecting diverse viewpoints in the cyber environment? Write a one page (times new roman font & double spaced) essay on the subject. Remember to cite the references. Social development refers to the development of social skills and emotional maturity that are needed to build relationships as well as relate to others. In order to develop socially, children and adolescents need to interact with their peers in an acceptable way. Yet in today’s society there is…show more content…
Interpersonal skills are relevant to not only our personal relationships, but also to our social media relationships. Since the internet continues to expand we are now encountering many new forms of electronic communication. There are the common forms such as Facebook and Twitter in which you are able to upload information as well as photos of yourself and send and receive messages privately or publicly. This is where you are able to monitor what information you would like to reveal or not reveal about yourself to your ‘friends’ or ‘followers’. A lot of adolescents who are shy or lack self-confidence find it much easier to do so over the internet. They are able to share what they feel are their best qualities and leave out what they may potentially be bullied about in conventional relationships. As adolescents are within a cyber environment, they are able to monitor their communication in a different way. Since online communication demands you to use your keyboard as a way of transmitting your message, you are able to choose your words wisely. It allows you to clarify your point by providing you with a chance to read back what exactly you have typed. If it is involving a more stressful situation, it provides you with the time to relax, think, and then respond. Not everything has to be an immediate response since you aren’t face to face. This also
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