Life and Experiences of Tragey in Poe's Poetry and Stories Essay

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The life and experiences of Poe are all incorporated into his poetry and stories. His life was filled with tragedy. Poe’s parents died when he was young, his foster mother, siblings and wife all died as well. On top of this throughout his life he accumulated debt and was constantly criticized by those around him. Dreamland is a journey alone in the world of dreams searching for something greater in life within what seems like a nightmare. Poe wrote this poem to show that people are constantly searching for a certain aspect to make their lives better. Poe shows the importance of this search by his use of imagery/symbols, sounds/words and figurative devices. The objects seen by the speaker and what they represent help define the mood and …show more content…

It is a very intense and has a dreamlike feel to it. Everything has no bottom or end, it is all limitless and helps prove the strange place the speaker has come to. The intensity and mass of everything shows how the speaker is alone and small in the new place. This hyperbole or exaggeration was used by Poe to further prove the way the stranger in the new world feels overwhelmed and lost by the sights. “Lone waters- lone and dead”(18) shows an emotion of suffering and a greif of some kind. Poe uses a lot of strong words to create the mood of alone and darkness in the poem.

Figurative devices are used in this poem to further develop the tone/mood, the environment/setting and the senses the speaker is feeling in the poem. Poe gives the water an emotion. The “sad waters” is a personification of the water being sad. This helps further explain the way the speaker is grieving or suffering. Personification is also used when Poe describes the spirits and beings in the poem to be human. This is shown in the lines “Where an Eidolon, named NIGHT, on a black throne reigns

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