Life and Legacy of Napoleon Bonaparte

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Napoleon Bonaparte was born on August, 15th, 1769 on Ajaccio, Corsica he was named after an Egyptian religious figure. He was born on a couch in the living room of his parents’ home during the feast of the Assumption. The French defeated the island of Corsica only three months after Bonaparte’s birth. Bonaparte would later devote his youth hating and despising the French. The Bonaparte family was considered Corsican aristocrats, however they were not wealthy compared to French nobles. Due to having such a large family they struggled to get by. Letizia Napoleon’s mother was strict and serious woman; she would punish her 8 children to instill the importance of discipline and sacrifice. Letizia was very religious; she attended church every day. She forced her religion on Napoleon by making him attend mass every Sunday. Napoleon said “She sometimes made me go to bed without supper, as if there was nothing to eat in the house. One had to learn to suffer and not let other see it.” His mother’s lessons helped make him a strong man. After Corsica’s defeat Bonaparte’s twenty-three year old father Carlo hastily succumbed to French rule. Carlo began wearing French clothing such as powdered wigs and silver bucked shoes. Napoleon never forgave his father for abandoning his Corsica heritage. The Bonaparte’s have lived in Corsica for about two-hundred years; they had a long history of successful lawyers. The family’s origins came from Florence, Italy in 1122. His Mother’s side was the
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