Life and Success of Mary Shelley Essay

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Rough Draft Have you heard of the book Frankenstein? I sure you have, in this paper I will share with you the life and the success of the famous author Mary Shelley. I will start with her child hood; Mary had two famous authors for parents William Goodwin and Mary Wollstonecraft. But unfortunately Mary mom died when she was only eleven days old Mary’s dad hired a nanny immediately. The nanny made Mary’s life full of adventures and fun times while the father was distancing from his children. Mary had a half-sister named Fanny. Mary’s father then married his neighbor her name was also Mary.(Mellor Anne K. “ Shelley, Mary (1797-1851) British writers supplement 3 Ed George Stade NY Charle) Mary’s stepmother wanted …show more content…

The book text is part Gothic novel and it is also a philosophical novel and considered a science fiction. Mary novel was basically about a scientist who made a monster who ended up betraying his creator and killing him at the end. Mary published this book to prove a point that women should be more independent and stop depending on a man to come rescue you them on there every need. Another point she tried to make is that she wanted to change the course of women learning forever. Mary educated women in fundamental ways and did so by publishing her book ”Frankenstein”. Mary’s other book “History of a six week tour” reminds her of her summer trip she took with her husband Percy to Geneva in 1816 before he passed. Through all the books Mary published her most well known book was Frankenstein. Many people wandered how can someone be that young to make a novel that great. The impact Mary made in literature is that she was one of the youngest authors to make a horror book. She encourages a lot of young ladies in the world to be more independent. Another impact is that how she brought a lot of creativity in such a young age. She was young ladies role models and inspiration in the literature world. Another impact she bought in literature is that it does not matter how old are you or how young you are you can always follow your dreams. Mary didn’t let the death of her husband ruin her passion of writing and publishing books. She kept on

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