Light Rail System

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The feasibility of a light rail system is possible when looking at the amount of room in the city of Pittsburgh. This light rail system would be able to help transport college students, city workers, and other Pittsburgh citizens. A light rail system would help to thin out the heavy traffic that vastly impacts the environment with car emissions and still leave the city with some room to expand. A light rail system in the city of Pittsburgh could be set up to run on a straight line system that would follow a North to South and an East to West pattern. Quite like the room to build a light rail system, the engineers and construction builders are plentiful in the Pittsburgh region for such a project. So, workers would not be much of a factor for constructing a light rail system.…show more content…
Although funding for a few hundred million dollar project would be hard to obtain, it is still possible. It may take several years of writing grants to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), the federal government, and private Pittsburgh transportation organizations, but the money is there. Like any major million dollar project, it would take many years to complete. The idea of obtaining environmental permits as well as getting utility companies to cooperate is another subject of its own that majorly impacts the project feasibility. Even with those impacts, the project is still possible because new transportation systems overcome these factors each year. Though this type of transit system is possible, it would take a major spokesperson or government official to get the project passed for
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