Public Transportation Bill Essay

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Background Public transportation is serious need of a massive overhaul in this nation. We are in desperate need to catch up to the European standard of public transportation in this country. In Europe, citizens can travel across cities, bodies of water, and even counties with their state of the art public transportation system. Europeans are not nearly as reliant on cars and oil as the United States is because they have the much more practical option of taking the transportation provided to them by the government to where ever they need to go. They have set a model that the United States needs to strive for and meet in the near future. The government is pouring billions of dollars every year to sustain and attempt to fix the …show more content…

We have to become more responsible in our way of life and realize that oil will soon run out at current rates and we have to embrace public transportation now if we are to succeed in the upcoming future. Also, our goal is to make this a greener nation. By reducing the number of cars on the road and making it possible for every citizen to have access to public transportation, we can reach this goal. It is our duty and responsibility to take care of the planet and make sure that we do not cause our own destruction. Reducing carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses will put our nation on the right path for the future.

Our Plan With the overall objective in mind of providing public transportation to all Americans, we have to understand all of the different modes of transportation that need to be reconstructed and funded properly. America is a geographically diverse nation and all need to be taken into account to meet the growing demand of transportation over these differing regions. First off, we have to address states that must begin to rely on ferry transport across bodies of water. The ferry system needs adequate funding so that commuters can cross bodies of water such as the Puget Sound and Chesapeake Bay. Docks, landings, ferry boats, and employees will all need funding to ensure that this happens. Water public transportation is an unutilized territory and in this growing age we hope to help it strive. We plan to rebuild ferry landings

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