Liging In : A Short Story : Settling In

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Settling In I don't remember now where we were in when Jimmy, the concession boss, came to me between shows one day to offer me a room on the train, but I do remember the feeling. I was like a kid getting my adoption finalized. In my mind, getting a room was the last hurdle to jump before REALLY being on the show. No more sleeping in the buildings, and I was so excited to have my own place on the trips between towns. In 80 and 81, the red show train had three cars dedicated to housing most concession staff, 50, 505 and 51. The three cars varied little, each containing ten or twelve rooms ranging from the small two-bunk 5'x7' to a much larger, family sized room equivalent in space to a medium-large sized motor home. My first room…show more content…
Moving the bed up and out of the way made the small room seem a little larger. As in many motor homes, the lower bunk could function as a bed or a table between two seats. Each doubled as a storage area, accessed by removing the cushion and a wooden cover. Each of us had one of the storage areas and a section of the closet. The room sounds too small for two people, but at the time it felt like a palace. The bulk of the time I spent in the room was during the run between towns. Since Joan had a car and drove overland, the room never seemed particularly crowded to me. Joan was from the Midwest, Indiana I think, and had been on the show for a while when I joined. She was about ten years older than I was and ran a novelty stand that sold toys, posters, t-shirts and anything else that sported the RBBBC logo that one could purchase as a souvenir. I had seen Joan around and am pretty sure I had met her before I moved in, but I didn't know her on moving day. I didn't have much, so the move in was an easy one. After I had settled in that first day, we sat on the lower bunk, talking and getting to know each other. We became friends quickly and, as I remember, we never had any issues sharing such a small space. Every opening day, typically at around 9 am, all concession stand operators and vendors had to meet in the seats for "call." At call, Jimmy would tell us anything we needed to know, give announcements
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