Liminal Space

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them to interact with the African American race to discover every aspect of their background (Rollins & Hunter, 2013). In 2011, a study researched by Walker found that biracial individuals with positive interactions with more than one ethnic group proved beneficial to the self-esteem and overall well-being of the biracial individual.
Liminal space is a concept of a feeling when someone is not quite where he or she need to be but are not quite sure where they are going. Angella Enders wrote an article that describes her struggle with liminality in regards to being biracial. Enders writes that “I was always moving from one culture to another without even thinking about it. I did not realize that this was not a common experience for everyone until I became an adult (Enders, 2011, pg 1).” In her article, she stroke to explore and discuss how identity is formed of a biracial individual dealing with two cultures and two different world views based solely on the treatment the color of their skin had received past generations. While in liminal space, it is challenging to achieve healthy identity. Enders set out on a personal journal which last 12 months as she researched the material …show more content…

How different depends on which culture they are around. The segregated nature of America is lost when biracial children look at their parents, or at their skin and physical characteristics. To realize that one’s natural state does not reflect what appears to be the accepted norm, as children can see when they watch television and discover what’s acceptable in today’s current pop culture, can damage that child’s perception of self, and level of acceptance in the world. It is the duty of the parents to expose their biracial children to both members and sides of their family. This exposure is health and needed to allow the children to choose comfortably a race with whom they can easily

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