Lincoln's Principles I Would Adapt In My Own Leadership Style Analysis

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Lincoln’s Principles I Would Adapt In My Own Leadership Style Lincoln was a complex man with many principles which led to benefits in the country with him as a leader. Lincoln created a foundation for future leaders with his principles and I would definitely adapt some of his style into my own to benefit my organization. Above all, I would I would follow Lincoln’s honesty policy. Along with his view on honesty I also like Lincoln’s principle of being open-minded. As a leader, Lincoln may have shaped the way future leaders run their organizations. To begin, I definitely support Lincoln’s “honesty is the best policy” statement. No matter the situation, as a business owner or leader of the country, you need to be honest with your people. Someone who is honest builds a very good reputation for themselves. As a benefit of honesty, an honest person is therefore trustworthy and this…show more content…
As a platform you should be honest with your employees and that leads into the next principle I stand by which is encourage innovation. Lincoln did not like a “yes man”. If I am giving my subordinate instructions and he has an idea I will be open minded to his opinions. When you are a boss you sometimes lose touch in the hands on part of the job, therefore a subordinate may have a more intelligent way of completing a task since he/she has been doing it. “Lincoln’s open-door policy led to many businessmen and inventors visiting the White House, and he loved attending demonstrations of new weapons and other innovations. It was Lincoln who insisted, over the protestations of the Army’s Chief Of Ordnance, that the Union army order new breech-loading rifles, a technological advancement that help the North win the war” (WordPress). With that being said, staying open minded encourages workers to keep in touch with you, they learn from you, and you can also learn from them which is a huge benefit for you and the entire
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