Linda Kerber 's Women Of The Republic

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The ideals by the Republicans which came into the limelight after the Revolutionary War would set into motion a revolution not just in the United States but in many countries across the world. Linda Kerber’s ‘Women of the Republic’ is a demonstration of the paradigm shift in relation to the US social and political structures after the American Revolution. Kerber observes that not only did the war provide more opportunities to women but also set a platform for women to chart the way forward politically. This important role is what came later to be known as the Republican Motherhood. The concept of Republican Motherhood demonstrates the important role that woken played politically in addition to attending to their traditional roles of domestic responsibility.
‘Women of the Republic’ demonstrates the expanded role of women politically amidst the rising influence of their male counterparts in civic responsibility. Kerber states that the American Revolution provided a platform for women to express themselves away from ideological ferment that was premised on the confines of a family set up. This situation might perhaps explain why there were few women leaders during the period leading to the Revolution War. Kerber appears to place her concept of the Republican Motherhood to the industrialisation era that was characterized by fathers working away from their homes and leaving all the household

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