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Describe the payout policy of Linear Technologies historically. Describe Linear’s current cash position and its financing needs.

The company initiated its dividend in 1993 with a relatively conservative payout ratio of 15%, based on a quarterly dividend of $0.05/share/quarter ($0.00625 split adjusted as per Exhibit 3). As of 3Q2003, the dividend is also $0.05/share/quarter, adjusted for stock splits, which translates into a payout ratio of . The payout ratio is currently 27.5% on an as adjusted basis. The payout ratio reached 10% in 2001, when EPS was at a record high. On an adjusted basis, Linear Technologies has consistently increased its dividend each year. Since 2000, the dividend increases have been $0.01/share/quarter each year.
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This reduction in equity value would be reflected as a $4.80/share decrease in share. In the twelve months post-dividend, net income would decrease by $45mm due to decreased interest income on the $1.5bn of cash. This reduction in net income would decrease EPS by $0.144/share.

If instead, Linear Technologies used the $1.5bn of cash to repurchase stock on the open market, it could purchase 48.6mm shares (15.6% of outstanding share count) assuming a market price of $30.87. The total market equity value of the company would decrease by $1.5bn as well. Earnings per share would be impacted in the following manner:

〖EPS〗_(Pre Buyback)= 〖EPS 〗_(3Q2011 YTD)* 4/3=0.55*1.33=$0.733

〖EPS〗_(Post Buyback)= (〖Net Income〗_(Prior to Adjustment)-Reduced Interest Income)/(〖Share Count〗_Original- 〖Shares Repurchased〗_ )= (227.5 - 45.0)/(312.4 - 48.6)= 182.5/263.8=$0.692

What are the tax consequences of keeping cash inside the firm? Of paying it out as a dividend? Of using it to repurchase stock?

If the company keeps the cash in the firm, Linear Technologies will pay taxes on the interest income it earns. This will be approximately $15.75mm (assuming 35% tax on interest income of 3% from $1.5bn of cash).

If Linear decides to payout the $1.5bn of cash as a dividend the shareholders, but not the company, will be taxed upon
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