Lion King: Quote Analysis

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“The past can hurt, but the way I see it you can either live with it or learn from it .” This is a quote from the movie ‘Lion King’. The choices you make now define who you are. If you keep constantly keep on holding your past mistakes, you’ll never be able to change into the person you're meant to be. This quote has a great deal of meaning to me. Every time that I read the quote I feelabout how effectively it can hurt someone holding onto a grudge. It makes me imagine that I'm angry at someone and don't forgive them and one day , they're just gone. The quote is saying, do not let the past control your future. The past is behind us for a reason, and it's exceptional to forget about what has happened and starting thinking about what could happen in the near future. …show more content…

It was almost always a friend or my little brother doing something to get me upset. It would always get me upset and I would stay angry at them. It could have been something as simple as not sharing their toys with me. I get worked up really easily. My mother would always scold me and tell me not to hold any kind of grudge against anyone ever. She would make sure that I forgave everybody that I'm upset with, no matter what they have done,especially when it comes to family. When my mother was younger, she got into an argument with my grandfather over her boyfriend. Both my mom and grandpa shared some words that made one another extremely upset. She ran away, furious at my grandpa. A few weeks later, she got a call notifying her that my grandpa had passed away. My mom had held a grudge against him and never got a chance to apologize. He had passed away before they could ever make

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