Listed Company's Accounting Fraud of the Causes and Prevention

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Listed company's accounting fraud of the Causes and Prevention

[ABSTRACT] from the analysis of accounting Information distortion that is illegal, because the accounting fraud, manifestations and hazards start to analyze the accounting fraud of China's listed companies the motivation to find out the real causes of the accounting fraud, and through drawing and learn from foreign countries in the prevention and treatment of accounting fraud experience, to present my accounting fraud prevention and treatment response. [Keywords:] listed company; accounting fraud; Governance 1, the listed company's accounting fraud and harm the performance of the form (A) the manifestation of accounting fraud
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Therefore, the problem of accounting fraud will be more prominent. (B) inadequate corporate governance structure As the shareholding structure of China's stock market congenital defects, so that listed companies in China and Western countries are generally characterized by state-owned shares 'due to the dominance' of the shareholding structure, thus resulting governance structure of listed companies, including shareholders, board of directors, board of supervisors of mutual checks and balances between the distorted. (C) the accounting legislation is not perfect Since December 1990 China's Shanghai Stock Exchange since its inception, has successively promulgated and improve the 'Company Law', 'Securities Law' and a series of laws and regulations, but the effect of the practical implementation point of view, there are still more serious defects. First, regulations promulgated lagged behind the development of practice, legislation appears to be more passive, passive 'plugging holes', the lack of predictability. Second, the operability of laws and regulations is not strong and poorly enforced, especially prominently reflected in the right CPA ineffective sanctions against persons outside the law, the law often to accept the
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