Literacy Assessment And Instruction Analysis Project

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Literacy Assessment and Instruction Analysis Project The purpose of this paper is to explain the rationale regarding instruction and decision making, analysis of student learning, and reflection of personal performance within the literacy assessment and instruction analysis project. The project entails five lessons administered to a student to provide help with writing, and ultimately, to help the child improve in his or her writing skills. This document includes background information, goals, assessment results, instructional plans, and a personal reflection piece. This project aims to provide best practices and explicit instruction to a student in the subject of writing, ultimately hoping to bring the child to a higher writing level by …show more content…

Since she lives with her mother only, there were not too many distractions. She has a little brother, but mom took care of him while lessons were occurring. Jayden is pretty well focused and seems to stay on task since she really enjoys writing. Also, it helps that this environment was so comfortable and familiar to Jayden. I know Jayden’s mother well, so I would usually visit with her for as little while Jayden would get ready to begin. She was always very anxious to get started. Rationale Jayden and I began by reviewing some of the pieces she had written in class the year before. I looked at the Common Core State Standards for sixth grade to see what would be expected of her next year. She seemed to have very good details and strong plots in her stories. She was certainly creative. The only thing I noticed was that the characters in her stories were few and flat. They were very static and did not seem to add much to her stories. I talked to Jayden about her characters and she said that she had never really thought about them too much, but thought more about what was going to happen next when she was writing. Her stories were very good, but I knew that developing the characters a little more would add so much depth. I realized that working on character development with Jayden would be a great place to start. I began our lessons together by first figuring out how Jayden learned best. She seemed to be a very visual

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