Literary Age Of Frankenstein

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Biographical Information about the author:
Mary Shelley was born in 1797 to an early feminist Mary Wollstonecraft and a writer William Godwin. She married Percy Shelley who was already married at the time to her cousin. Percy went through many hardships, as his former wife committed suicide, his custody battle, the death of their two children, miscarriages, and his death at an early age. The difficult situations in her life influenced her writing. She then later died at the age of 54 in 1851 while sleeping. People came to think she died of a brain tumor, but weren’t certain.
Information about the literary period:
Romanticism was an imaginative, tuneful, abstract, and educated development that began in Europe in the 1790s. Its fundamental concentrate was on a person's feeling. The feelings were concentrated on comprehension, fear, loathsomeness, and encountering the magnificence of nature. Scholars are worried about nature, human feelings, and empathy for humankind. In this novel, Frankenstein's monster was rejected from ordinary society. He was pushed away on the grounds that is his physical appearance and he was not able be adored. Shelley demonstrated the pursuers that view society, we dismiss anything or anybody that is unique.
Characteristic of the genre:
Both Gothicism and romanticism include experiences of a sublime state of being which are clearly show because Frankenstein was created throughout the novel. Now Frankenstein, Elizabeth, and Alfonse speak within the

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