Contents Of A Dead Man's Pockets, The Leap, And The Trip

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Literary Analysis Collection 1
Have you ever thought that three completely different stories might have something in common? It might seem unlikely, but now you can change what you previously thought! The short stories Contents of a Dead Man’s Pockets by Jack Finney, The Leap by Louise Erdrich, and The Trip by Laila Lalami, all have their similarities and differences on several aspects. This can be demonstrated through the topics of setting, conflict, characters, and theme. These topics help make up the plot of each story. No story is the same, but they can have similar messages or themes meant for the audience. Some can argue that these three short stories are completely different, but other individuals differ. These main elements from each story can be both, depending on one’s point of view.
The setting is a good example of both similarities and differences. For instance, the setting helped shape the story and form the plot. In Contents, the main character (Tom) opens the window in his apartment on a breezy night. “…caught in the dying current flowing through the narrow opening.” (pg 20). An important paper gets blown out the window, and eleven stories up, the story begins. During The Leap, the narrator explains that out west, you could see any in-coming weather because the land was so flat. “I have lived in the west, where you can see the weather coming for miles…” (pg 39). The decision was made to try and finish the circus before the weather, but Anna and Harold (Anna’s

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