Literary Analysis Of A Doll House

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“Here I have been your doll wife, just as at-home I used to be papa’s doll child.” states Nora Helmer (A Doll House, Act 3 pg. 114). The play A Doll House was composed by Henrik Ibsen and is written in first person. It takes place in Norway in the late 1800s. A Doll house focuses on a woman name Nora Helmer who is married with children. After eight years of being married, she decides to end it. Nora ends her relationship to start a new life and discover herself. However; she does commit a selfish act by leaving her children behind with the father. Literary elements such as, plot ,setting, and theme enrich the play and the experience of the reader.
To begin with, the plot starts when Nora saying that her and her husband have never had a serious conversation. They have never solved any problems they were having previously in their marriage. Torvard her husband, is confused and doesn’t understand what she is saying. She goes on about how he doesn’t understand her and why she feels like she’s been treated unfairly. Like the treatment that her dad would give her when she was younger. Nora never had her own thoughts or opinions and was taught to only think one way, the way that her father wanted her to think. Feeling like she is property that was passed down from her father to her husband. Torvard asked her if she is unhappy and she admits to never being happy even though he treated her nicely. Explaining to him how she wants to find herself and put herself first. The husband begs

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