Literary Analysis Of 'Contents Of A Dead Man's Pocket'

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Is money more important than family? Many families are broken because a somewhat loving guardian is so obsessed with work, or better yet, the money. From long, distress-filled tears to painful mornings and nights (and everything in between), this situation unfortunately faces thousands of kids daily. People with jobs and families should be against choosing their job over family because it allows for a closer bond to form, more family time, and everlasting love for eachother. The story “Contents of a Dead Man’s Pocket” and the TED Talk “Can we all ‘have it all?’” featuring Anne-Marie Slaughter will be represented in this essay.
This topic is perfectly explained in the short story, “Contents of a Dead Man’s Pocket”. The setting takes place during the mid 1950’s, when expectations were quite strict and freedom was still rather restricted. Freedom was restrained because this is around the time in which Civil Rights Movement started and expectations were strict because everyone was expected to follow and obey the rules that society has created. As demonstrated in the story, Tom Benecke stays in his apartment and attempts to complete his month-long project (which will help him earn a raise) instead of going to enjoy a film with his wife, Clare. Clare seems upset and goes on without Tom. As the story goes on, Tom’s paper flies out of the window and he goes on a wild and life threatening adventure to get his paper. Long story short, if he had made the decision to go and

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