Literary Analysis Of Eve Ensler's The Good Body

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The Good Body, a concise interpretation on what it means to feel uncomfortable with your own physical appearance which aims to address a question of what she wants to be when she grows up. “I want to be good.”, she says. Eve Ensler conveys a thought that the strive of women in perfection of personal appearance can be found anywhere. This is an unrealistic want that can severely affect one’s life. Moreover, this focuses on the things with what Eve learned from the women around the world making it to be considered as a feminist approach.

Eve started the literary piece with a powerful statement that when she was still a little girl, she wanted to be good when she grows up. However, she describes that as girls grow up, being good is impossible …show more content…

This is for the reason that the uniqueness of this story makes readers like me to feel personal and conscious of my body because in reality, most women face body image concerns, but in different ways. Furthermore, Eve included brief stories of her personal struggles as a woman and the things which her hatred towards her stomach has done to her. I can say that Eve was successful enough in connecting to the readers for she made use of unique stories which made the good body real. Although the majority of the literary piece focused on women who believe that they need to change their body in order to be “good”, it was still good for I would not have understood the full story of it because it would have been one-sided. The fact that the introduction of women who love their bodies is stated, while Eve Ensler doesn’t, it induced me to be encouraged and motivated in reading this literary piece. At the latter part of this literary piece, it is evident that the idea of having a good body is greatly affected by the influence of mass media to the one’s body image. Thus, it can be considered that the body image issues and generalizations appear everywhere as proved by the story of Eve Ensler. I recommend this book to the people who are so conscious of their own body type for I know that upon reading this, they will be able to learn a lot. This is for the reason that there is wise use of words that helped the readers

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