It Is No Secret That Women Often Change Their Bodies In

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It is no secret that women often change their bodies in order to meet the societal expectations that are portrayed in the media. The patriarchy and the male gaze dictate the ideal female which is depicted on television, in movies, and in magazines. Woman most often alter their weight in order to match the small slim physique of models. Weight is one of the main aspects of the female body that the patriarchy controls. Woman are taught by society that their natural body is not beautiful and that they must conform to the societal standard of a thin, size 0 woman in order to accommodate the male gaze. The patriarchy dictates this of a woman in order to maintain male dominance in society. However, these expectations have a negative effect on …show more content…

In society there is a distinct correlation between beauty and wealth. When food became more accessible in the 20th century, the wealthy weren’t the only people who could afford to eat and the cultural expectation shifted from who could eat the most to who could control their food intake. Because food accessible changed the societal belief in the ideal woman, it also changed the relationship between women and food. The ideal woman has a cool relationship with food. Susan Bordo writes in Hunger as Ideology, “Undominated by unsatisfied internal need, she eats not only feely but without deep desire and without apparent consequences. Women are not supposed to crave food and they are not to over indulge. The perfect female eats not out of want but out of need for nourishment and she is only to eat the bare minimum that she needs. When on a date a woman must not order a steak and potato, but must ask for a salad and water. Oh and god forbid a woman clears her plate, she must always leave food leftover to prove that she didn’t need to eat everything. Society expects women to not love eating but only do it because they have to. Women should not receive gratification from eating but instead receive it through nourishing others. Men eat, women prepare. Men are allowed to have healthy appetites for food just like they are allowed to have an

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