Literary Analysis Of Liberty, 'The Dangerous Game ', AndThe Sniper'

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Literary Analysis Collection 1 Keeping readers on the edges of their seats with intriguing characters and enjoyable story lines makes the readers want to read more. The three authors O’Flaherty, Connel, and Alverz distributed many different literary elements. Each of them enhanced conflict, gave understandable characters, and a relatable setting. “Liberty”, “The Dangerous Game”, and “The Sniper” had many similarities and differences throughout each story. Rainsford, The Sniper, and the narrator from “Liberty” are all important characters in each story. Rainsford in “The Dangerous Game” is a sailor who fell off the boat and was very determined to find land. “The Sniper” was set in a civil war where the main character, Sniper had to have a good mindset and be determined to win for his people. Sniper made sacrifices to fight in this war. In “Liberty” the narrator did not want to give up her dog. The narrator’s parents must make sacrifices for their family to be safe and live a better life in America. Sniper and Rainsford used smart strategies throughout each of the stories. In “The Dangerous Game” Rainsford got an idea about what to do to trick General Zaroff by setting a trap. Connel describes Rainsford’s quick strategies. “The pit grew deeper; when it was above his shoulders, he climbed out and from some hard saplings cut stakes and sharpened them to a fine point. These stakes he pointed in the bottom of the pit with the points sticking up.” This was a trap for General

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