Literary Analysis Of Literary Devices In Godfather Death

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In reading “Godfather Death” by authors Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm also known as the “Grimm Bothers”. It was decided the purpose of this paper to consider the Literary Device of this short story. For length sake it was narrowed down to three devices for which are the following: Ad Hominem, Protagonist/ Antagonist, and Deus Ex Machina. In these three devices it will be broken down to explain where each can be seen in the short story. Therefore, it shall be seen that no matter what Death cannot be cheated even if the death himself is the Godfather of a person only so much betray will Death allow before matter are taken by Death hands. For the literary device one, Ad Hominem can be found in the beginning of the short story “Godfather Death” by the author Grimm Bothers (Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm) the father struggling to feed the already 12 children he has when the 13th was born. This said father ran to the highway looking to find a Godfather for that child when he came upon what is referred to as “good Lord God...(pg.13).” For when the good Lord God offered the father to be the Godfather to the son already knowing what was laying in the father heart and mind. The father then rebuked the good Lord god by speaking ill to him stating “Then I don’t want you as the godfather. You give to the rich, and let the poor starve... (pg. 13).” For in the father eyes he felt jaded and not at all loved by the good Lord God for if so why would he be suffering and struggling to feed his family. All

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