Literary Analysis Of Nethergrave

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Into the Nethergrave: A Literary Analysis

The Internet. A very intricate, complex place brimming with wonder and horror alike, with many falsities weaved into the “web”, it is hard to trust people. In “Nethergrave” by Skurzynski, this happens with a small 8th grader named Jeremy. He finds the only friends he has, only to lie to them and be lied to, and it puts his whole world in perspective when he is sucked into his computer and meets a mysterious person by the name NetherMagus. Skurzynski uses characterization and conflict to present the theme of mental health and mistrust and misguidance. It is quite obvious in this particular story that the main character isn’t completely stable. From his bullies, to absent parents, to literally lying to his only “friends’” faces about who he is, it starts to reveal a pattern that points well into classic major depression with a little of pathological lying and a smidge of neglect, which yes, he has a brand new computer every year, but he never sees his father nor has a mother that is actually around for him when he might need her or that cares about his mental wellbeing.

~Characterization~ The author uses direct characterization in the first page of this story to describe Jeremy, “Jeremy might be a scared, skinny eighth-grade wimp, but he was a healthy one.” (Skurzynski 1), which leads the reader to believe that he is most likely a tall boy that is quite skinny and weak-looking. Another

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