Literary Analysis Of Shrek 2

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Nowadays, when we hear Shrek we think of him as an icon of the internet. In a world where appearances seem to be societies focus, Shrek 2 reminds us that looks are fleeting, but what is on the inside is what is important. Shrek 2 is a movie written in 2014 that follows the main character, Shrek an ogre, on his journey in the kingdom, Far Far Away as he tries to acquire the approval of his wife’s, Fiona also an ogre, parents which are the human king and queen of Far Far Away. Overwhelming, the movie is able to depict a fantastic children’s romantic fairytale by teaching a life lesson in the use a medieval style with numerous references to pop culture and iconic soundtrack.
Although set in what seemingly resembles medieval times and the characters’ costumes fit the backdrop, Shrek 2 presents modern references which enable the audience to realize the mockery of today’s world. Knowing that Fiona is a princess as well, we instantly know that Far Far Away is where the royals live. The film creators draw this city in a way that looks strikingly similar to Hollywood. As Shrek and Fiona arrive in front of her parents’ castle, crowds await them cheering. Royals are put in a standard and admiration similar to those of celebrities, while the cheering crowds at the gate resembles obsessive fans. The creator’s use of this medieval Hollywood works well because people are often idolized and idealized. Shrek displays an obvious hesitance on visiting the in-laws since he is aware his image

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