Literary Analysis Of Snow Whites

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Allusion: reference to literary work, historical figure, or event Examples: She had skin as pale as Snow Whites. Our friend was the Nancy Drew of our school. Her hair was as long as Rapunzel's. Uses: To paint an example of something they are trying to convey; make it easier to describe something. Argumentation: writer’s attempt to convince reader of something Examples: The school should offer advisory instead of after school because athletes aren’t able to participate in after school studies because of sports. Wings with bones are better than boneless wings because they hold more flavor and have a better texture than boneless wings. Black is the best clothing color because it can go with anything. Uses: To show both sides but persuade the reader to agree with them. Coherence: clarity and logical cohesion that binds together parts of a story Examples: First, they finished their homework, then, they went to the coffee shop to hang out with friends. The painter had just finished in his art room, his hands covered in the blues of the canvas. As he roamed the halls, he touched everything, coloring them in the blues of his painting. The bell rung and the students stampeded into the halls. Lunch had always been the best part about the school day. Too bad the next time that bell rung, they’d have to return to their torture. Uses: Make sure that everything in the writing flows together and could be understood. Description: clearly depicts a scene, person, thing, or idea

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