Literary Analysis Reflection

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I was not introduced to the idea of analyzing literature until probably the sixth grade. Since then, my definition of the term “literary analysis” took a different direction with every new teacher that tried to break down such a concept. It was first taught to me as summarizing a piece of writing, including all of the main points. Moving on to the next couple grades, I learned that it involved understanding so called literary devices, such as metaphors, similes, allusions, and imagery to name a few. In the ninth grade, I reached a major turning point in my perspective on analyzing literature. I was taught that it is the act closely examining a piece of writing to find significant symbolism, roles, or effects of characters, settings, or parts of the plot. By the end of my sophomore year, I’ve come to define it as interpreting the author’s writing through deep examination and making a logical and arguable conclusion based off of my findings and my supported understanding. Consequently, there are no right or wrong answers in your interpretations as you are to prove your point with evidence from the text. With my current knowledge, putting analysis into an essay is somewhat similar to a persuasive essay for a mock trial class in terms of the argumentative position you take. My recent experiences with analyzing literature have been immensely profound, but there are certain strategies that I developed to take on the challenge. For the most part, Mr.McLoskey, my Freshman year

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