Literary Analysis : The Yellow Wallpaper

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Literary Analysis: The Yellow Wallpaper In the story The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman she writes of a woman severely oppressed in her marriage. The women in the story is an open mind individual. John; her husband is a psychologist and thinks that his wife has a mental disorder because of all the free thinking and puts her through the rest cure. Through analysis of the story, we can see that this story displays a creepy tone in order to depict a serious matter at a time when women’s oppression was at large and feminist protest was in full swing to put a stop to it. The writer uses literary devices such as foreshadowing, symbolism, and irony in order to show the reader how the main character has to overcome her oppression through insanity. During the time this story was written, women took care of the children and the housework. Women were to be quiet and secondary citizens to their spouses. Opinionated women who spoke their minds were thought to have mental incapability’s called neurasthenia and treated with the rest cure. These women would have all possessions taken away including care of their household and any means of expression. The author of The Yellow Wallpaper wrote this story as a creative way to critique this medical treatment she also had to undergo says a critic writer Witalec. (1) This critique showed to the symptoms gained from the rest treatment so people could understand that this form of treatment was only doing harm to these women. From

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