Literary Analysis on Total Domination by Hannah Arendt

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People- Spontaneity= Total Domination
Angel Guerra

Professor Alexander Bernal
ENGL 1301-071
September 19, 2013

Guerra i
Thesis: A key concept to understanding Hannah Arendt’s “Total Domination” is the essence of terror and the importance of concentration camps in maintaining the Nazi totalitarian state.
1. There are numerous parts to the ideology behind the fundamental belief of totalitarianism.
A) “…that everything is possible, is being verified.”(Total Domination, 280)
B) This ideology “strives to organize the infinite plurality and differentiation of [humans]” (Total Domination, 280)
C) Totalitarianism wishes to achieve “a kind of human species resembling other animal …show more content…

Arendt simply points out that in order for total terror to be inflicted the Nazis had to do away with all opposition. The lack of opposition would give the Nazis, perhaps, a sense of security while they executed millions of people. After this ideology was generally accepted, concentration and extermination camps were established and were of primary importance to the Nazi totalitarian state. A crucial part of the enforcement of these fundamental beliefs was the “ideological indoctrination of the elite formations…” (Total Domination, 282) The elite formations were the SS men and the guards of the concentration camps. Their brainwashing was especially important to keep this evil system in line. The violent aspect of the enforcement of this twisted ideology involved “absolute terror in the camps” (Total Domination, 282) Cruelty was of great importance to the dehumanization of the inmates in the camps. And due to general acceptance and banal compliance “the atrocities…become…the practical application of the ideological indoctrination” (Total Domination, 282) Furthermore, because most people just supported the Nazis and threw out common sense, the camps became a practical institution in the reinforcement of the totalitarian state. In reference to how important concentration camps

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