Literary Commentary In 'All The Pretty Horses'

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Literary commentary essay In the excerpt on pages 147-151 of All the pretty horses Cormac McCarthy shows through various literary techniques such as imagery and diction. As well as his use of language and the structure of the passage to show how the horses are such a big part of the story, how they are not just a way of transportation for John Grady Cole and Rawlins, they are almost everything to them. From friends to their life's passion these horses are what really drives them and neither of them would be the same without them. Throughout this passage there are multiple effects that come from Cormac McCarthy's choices of literary techniques and structure of the passage. They all mainly focus on the horses and their impact with John Grady and Rawlins. Throughout the passage Cormac McCarthy shows that the horses are a connection to the things that John Grady and Rawlins love, you never really see them upset when they are with horses. McCarthy displays this on pg 147 when it says “ They rode hard hazing the wild manadas out of the high valleys and they camped at their old site on the south slope of the Anteojos where they camped with Luis.” This is something that both Rawlins and John Grady love doing and it is closely tied to the horses. McCarthy most likely does this to symbolize how important the horses are to them and also how the horses are not just a mere mode of transportation, they are their passion and what they love doing. You can tell that both have formed

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