Literary Devices In Big Fish

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Tim Burton’s Big Fish has elements of fables, fairy-tales, and tall-tales. At first, these elements dimish the relationship between Will and his father, Edward. However, towards the end of the film and of Edwards’ life Will discovers the truth behind the myths and starts to understand why his father is the way that he is.
Throughout Will’s life, he had thought he never truly knew who his father was. On Will’s wedding night, Edward told his legendary big fish story which bothered Will. After that night, Will and Edward did not speak again for three years. Now knowing that his father will soon be gone, he pleads for him to let him know his true self. Edward then responds by saying he has always been himself and Will is the one failing to see that. In another scene, Will explains that he believes Edward had a second life because he was always gone. He then goes on saying that Edward tells all of these fabrications because he is bored with his real life. These tales made Will come to the conclusion that his father did not want him and had no interest in having a relationship. The audience will soon come to find that these …show more content…

As Will was cleaning the pool, he was startled when he vividly saw a big fish, like the one in his father’s story. This is a symbol of Will starting to see from his father’s point of view. In another scene, Will and his mother begin rummaging through some of Edward’s paperwork when Will’s mother comes across a certificate of death from the war. Will was amazed because he had always believed that the tales he was told were completely false. Will is again proven wrong when he travels to a little township called Spector, the setting of a tale Edward tells. This is where he meets Jenny, a close friend of Edward, and learned that his father was a good man and loves his family. Will is now starting to know his father through the tales and stories he has told in the

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