Literary Elements In The Blue Jar By Isaak Dinesen

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The Blue Jar by Isak Dinesen
János Arany once told the world, “In dreams and in love, there are no impossibilities.” This being so simple yet so universal applies to “The Blue Jar” by Isak Dinesen. A short story about a young Lady Queen who was saved by an English sailor, who was sent off by her father. Now all she desires in the world is this perfect blue jar. The shade of blue like no other, and will do anything to find it. “The Blue Jar” by Isak Dinesen demonstrates the theme that humans will go through any obstacle for the one they love, by using clear emphasis of literary elements.
A very clear and descriptive literary element used would be how much the blue jar symbolizes and changes her life. After the excitement of finding the blue jar Lady Helena is expressing her emotions on how she wants the blue jar to impact her life. Lady Helena expresses, “And when I am dead you will cut out my heart and lay it in the blue jar. For then everything will be as it was then”(141). Although Lady Helena claims throughout the story she is searching for just a meer blue jar. She is indeed searching for the merchant who saved her, and who’m she fell in love with. When the blue jar was blessed upon her, she saw it as more than just a blue jar. She wants to have her heart inside this jar to replicate the pure bliss of how life was with her one love. As stated “For then everything will be as it was then.” She’s describing how her heart and feelings were so at peace when with him. And

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