Literary Elements Of The Classroom

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I observed a fourth grade, English Language Arts lesson titled Literary Elements. The students were to review literary elements while whole group reading the class novel. Using their writing journals students wrote about characters, the setting, the conflict and the events. After the reading, students created questions for the anchor chart to be used at a later date. Developing the questions allowed the teacher to better check for understanding. The classroom learning environment provides a teacher-centered classroom. The lesson was whole group instruction led by the teacher. Students were allowed very little time to collaborate with their peers. Students worked independently in their journals after reading the novel together with the class. Directions were clearly stated and distractions in the classroom were brought to a minimum as the lesson began. The teacher circulated through the classroom making sure students were not bothering others while working on the task. Assignments and goals were clearly written on the board but never addressed. The students were following along and listening to the teacher read the novel. Students were respectful to their peers and teacher by listening and answering the question when called upon. Students were actively participating and seem to find the novel interesting. Students did not discuss the novel but just answered questions asked by the teacher. Next, students completed their literary elements chart in their writing journal
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