Literary Elements Of The Flesh And The Spirit

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Literary Elements in “The Flesh and the Spirit”
The struggle between “good” and “bad” is a conflict in which the human race faces. For puritans, the common substance is only a shadow and immediate, while everything in the Heavens is interminable. Puritans weigh on self-control and thoughtfulness to keep their hearts clean so that after their passing they can enter Heaven and be eternal. The battle between the common substance and religious confidence is regularly so warmed that one can not generally settle on an unmistakable choice. Anne Bradstreet, the author of the poem “The Flesh and the Spirit” was a puritan woman who lived in the 1600’s. Anne Bradstreet uses voice, imagery, and metaphor to show her inner clash between the humanly …show more content…

The sister who is named Flesh tries to disclose to her sister Spirit that the world is filled with is filled with things to keep them satisfied. Bradstreet directly says the earth is brimming with “wealth” and “vanity”. Riches is by all accounts the principle objective of the primary sister, not minding potentially how she comes into this riches, however she is set in her view. Yet, Spirit has diverse points in life. Bradstreet states that Spirits thoughts are elsewhere in a “higher sphere”. Through Bradstreet’s voice it shows she was a sincerely in order individual, and knew how to express her sentiments obviously, or unmistakably in the dialect of that time. Bradstreet moves from a moderate voice to a more convincing, aggressive and confident voice. The poet is trying to bring some seriousness in to draw the reader and keep their attention. She does this in the following stanza: Dost dream of things beyond the Moon
And dost thou hope to dwell there soon?
Hast treasures there laid up in store
That all in th’ world thou count’st but poor?
Art fancy-sick or turn’d a Sot
To catch at shadows which are not? (15-20)
In these lines, Bradstreet is discussing the discourse between the sisters. Spirit tries to

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