Analysis Of Anne Bradstreet And Edward Taylor

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Anne Bradstreet and Edward Taylor are two of the most distinguished and fervent Puritan poets. Yet this similarity has proven to be one of the few, if not only between these two. One cannot help but find it intriguing that poets who belong to the same religious group and style would write so differently. Many of these differences are not even subtle or hidden beneath the text itself. The differences themselves hold implications and ideas that differ between each poet. The first difference which is the most obvious would be the style of each respected poet. Every poet has a unique style, but generally those who belong to the same period or set of ideas have similar styles. Between Bradstreet and Taylor there are no similarities in style. Taylor can be considered a much more polished poet. Taylor’s poetry is full of poetic techniques and advanced styling tools such as the iambic meter and advanced rhyming schemes. This style can be seen as the norm for a highly educated preacher which Taylor was. Bradstreet on the other hand has a more simplistic style that can be seen as the voice of the common or average Puritan. Therefore, there is far less ornamentation in her poetry. If one compares the Bradstreet’s “Here Follows Some Verses Upon the Burning of Our House, July 10th, 1666.” and Taylor’s “ From God’s Determinations.” One can see the difference in syntax clearly. Bradstreet uses simple diction while tackling the topic of her burning house. She uses simple and

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