Literature Affects Literature

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When students read and write about literature, it helps them deal with stress. When reading, it is common to feel immersed in the text. This is particularly common in fiction. When someone picks up a book and dives into that universe, stress is melted away because they are now free of their responsibilities. In a 2009 study, 166 participants were split randomly into 2 groups. One group was told that what they were reading was fictional, while the other was told it wasn’t. Before they began the reading and after, the participants took a required personality test. This entire study was done to determine if literature could change one’s personality. The group that read the fictional story had minor but noticeable changes. They were more open to experiences, and they were also found to be more understanding of another’s thoughts and feelings. The group that read the information presented as an article had no significant changes. This study showed that if a person continually reads throughout the course of their life, they will gradually become more understanding. There are many complex opinions on this topic. Every opinion is strong and should be heard. People who have not found joy in reading literature just have not looked hard enough. I believe that there is a piece of literature for everyone. One may find the overall experience boring, while another may have trouble understanding words. Reading is a learning experience just like driving or simply walking. We learn new

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